Alain Rivière

Alain Rivière was born in Paris, France. He has been living in Berlin and Venice, where he works as artist and writer. His works (photos and paintings) have been presented in one-man shows and collective exhibitions. His texts (poetry, theatre, short stories) have been translated in English, German, Hungarian, Spanish and Italian.

Alain Rivière was reader and translator for several newspapers and journals. He was also in 2000 the director of the exhibition “Der Photografische Text” (Stadtbibliothek, Berlin) about the history between literature and photography.

Sinn und Form, Akademie der Künste Berlin:
"Also ist alles gesagt. Gedichte" (5/2018)

Edition Tipomoldova, Romania: "Urmele Umbrei" (2018)
Bucovina Literara Magazine, Suceava, Romania: "Poems" (2018)
Éditions Stellamaris, Brest, France:
«Le visage en feu» (2018).

L'Harmattan, Paris: «Traces de l'ombre» (2017).
Jelenkor Magazine, Budapest, Hungary: "Poems" (2017

Edizioni CFR, Italy: «Un instant sur l'eau. Un instante sull'acqua.»
A cura di Gianmario Lucini (2013).

Ici é Là, photography, France (2010).

Haus-Luther: The Painting by Eva Kusch» (2007).
Revue Drei-Raben, Hungary: «Portraits/Interiors» (2007).

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Editions Philo, Berlin: «The Diaspora in Monheagan Island» (2002).
Editions Reklam, Leipzig: «Narziß» (1999), «Pandora» (2002).

collection Mythos, Rheinisches Landestheater, Neuss:
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Editions Zebra, Berlin:
«Das Buch vom Schlesischen Tor» (1997), «Gedicht» (1998).
Artist and Writer
Alain Rivière