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This series shows us Portraits of citizens from Corsica who live in the Valle d’Alesani along the mountains of the island. Only a few people are resident in the rural area, a part of the region Castaniccia, all year round. Most of the small villages are abandoned and it is difficult for the residual people to preserve their tradition.

Alain Rivière took these pictures in relation with the photos of the citizens of Haiti. For him it was the same way to have strong photographic relations with some persons and to ask them to put their hands on to the faces. Once more it is time to show the intimacy of a moment in which the posture of the hands can express an interior part of each person. His intension is also to create a relation between the people who are living on islands beside the world, each one of particularly reasons.

The photos for an exhibition are format 30x40 cm. Till 20 photos of this series “Corse” could be exhibited solitary or along with the series “A Song of Haiti”.

Alain Rivière