The series „Refugees in Giare“ is the result of a meeting with the theater director Pravas, who has invited me to take pictures of a theatric laboratory for young people from Africa, which has happened in an old guesthouse in Giare, a little village. These refugees are waiting, some of them since a long time, to get a residence permit in Europe. The building is isolated in front of the fields and the Laguna, near the road „La Romea“ between Venice and Chioggia in Veneto.

A dozen of refugees have participated. I tried to take portraits of each one during the laboratory and also pictures of the connections between the refugees, created with the propositions of Pravas. The propositions were all in relationship with the symbol of a tree. The tree for the recording of the origin country and for the possibility of a collective meeting. This idea was very nice and create a lot of situations. I would like to express this quality of meetings with my pictures. And I hope that these pictures could also be a message about how great life is to find at this place of waiting.

A series of 32pc, size 30x40 cm.
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In Giare 08
In Giare 12
In Giare 14
In Giare 16
In Giare 17 In Giare 22

In Giare 25
In Giare 30
In Giare 31

In Giare
Alain Rivière