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Alain Rivière
Behind the work “Portraits/Interiors” is the wish to return to the origin of photography itself and perhaps the most important essence of this Medium, the portrait, in order to take a specific direction.

From the very beginning the intention was to distance the social, political and psychological components that are often the elements which portrait photography seeks to illustrate. For that purpose black and white film, simple daylight, interiors/interior settings, and plain backgrounds were chosen.

In this work, the face of an unknown person is not to be found in a historical surrounding, but instead in its own timeframe to the greatest possible degree. This timeframe is created through the presence of an object which suggest the being of the person. Objects of nature such as wood, stone, vegetation, shells, lava, and also cultural objects like sculptures, pictures, vases, boxes and paper are used in direct relation to the head.

At any time the intention is to establish and exhibit a special presence within the presented components. In its conception this initiates a curiosity about the essence of being. The presence which is sought is directly linked to the essence of shooting photography itself. It thereby creates an impression the observer may not be accustomed to. It means that all the actors of the photography are together to live a new relation which direct with the instant and his impact are. An unexpected representation of an internal picture is at once inspired. Through this medium the face shows part of an interior world.

The photos for an exhibition are format 30x40 cm, normally presented in frames format 40x50 cm. Till 52 photos of this series could be exhibited.