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Pandora’s life

night and day full of happiness
Pandora is opening the jars
opening the boxes
running through the streets the gardens the forests
caressing the chests the legs
opening her crack

Alain Rivière, in: Mythos Pandora. Texte von Hesiod bis Sloterdijk, Hrsg.: Renger, Almut-Barbara; Musäus, Immanuel, Leipzig 2002

This photographic series is a variation apon the myth of Pandora, one of the most popular and discussed figures of greek mythology. Hesiodes narrated the myth of Pandora created from the earth by the gods to become the wife of Prometheus, in order to hinder his success after he had stolen the fire. They adoned her with beauty and decorated her with much jewelry. - After she opened the forbidden jar, which later become recognized as a box, all the evils and diseases escaped, except hope.

30pc b/w photos in the format of 30 x 40 cm to exhibit.
Feature about the exhibition at Tacheles/Berlin, Sept 09 in HD quality: Please choose Portraits 2

Alain Rivière