One Unknown Family is a series about a metaphorical family of people. The photographs of 15 people living in Berlin range from single portraits to group pictures.

It appears as if the subjects in the single portraits reveal a more hidden part of themselves by placing their hands in an unexpected but blank context to their faces. In the group pictures specific objects help re-enforce a sense of intimacy between the subjects. By use of these objects in combination with the subjects’ presence, expressions and attitude the photographs capture the intensity of a collective moment.

For Alain Rivière it is yet another way to deliberate about the meaning of presence in a family context.

15pc b/w photos in the format of 30 x 40 cm to exhibit.

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Unknown Family 1
Unknown Family 2
Unknown Family 3
Unknown Family 4
Unknown Family 5 Unknown Family 6
Unknown Family 9
Unknown Family 7
Unknown Family 8

One Unknown Family
Alain Rivière